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Math Songs That Make Learning Times Tables...
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Read what this teacher says about our Multiplication Songs:

"I'm a third grade teacher and I have used the Times Tables Rap with my students for the past two years. They love to be able to have fun while learning math. This year, students had actually heard about the Times Tables Rap from my last years students and couldn't wait to reach that part of the curriculum. Thank you for producing such a wonderful educational tool!"  Mrs. V.

Are your children going around singing and snapping their fingers to the latest popular song?  Did they learn the words without any effort?
Do you wish they could learn their multiplication tables with the same ease?

       There is a way...
      C.L. Preacher's

Multiplication Songs

  • Multiplication tables to the latest hip-hop and rock beats
  • Kids easily pick up the beat and sing the times tables
  • Printable lyrics of the math songs (see below)
  • Free math help multiplication charts on this website
  • Download 8 math songs, 2 through 9 times tables.
Available now! 8 Songs...
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Multiplication Songs

Read what the Los Angeles Times says about the best multiplication songs: "C.L.Preacher's 'Times Tables Rap' is a fun way to give your child a headstart in an often confusing part of a grammar school curriculum."

Think about it. You can provide your child with a sure way to get ahead, learning the times tables with a fast and fun way... singing the mutiplication tables to the latest beat... not silly little nursery rhymes, but the current trends that all nine-year-olds dig!

Give your child a solid math foundation... the gift of a future filled with success.

Get them C.L. Preacher's "Times Tables Rap".

Experts recommend that children with discalculia ( dyscalculia ) spend extra time using rhythm and music to help memorize the multiplication tables.

LISTEN to this sample of the 5 Times Table song

Does the thought of downloading make you nervous?

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Dear parent:

On these web pages you will have a chance to read some of the lyrics and hear a sample of the audio of our popular multiplication songs, "Times Tables Rap". You know that today's kids thrive on multi-tasking. Now you can give them something to satisfy their hunger for more music, while getting the math education they need.

The price is low to download all eight songs and there's a 1 year unconditional satisfaction money back guarantee. We have been asked for a refund only twice in the past 10 years. You can see some testimonials from happy customers at the top of each page.

Click the "Buy Now" button below, and you'll be taken to the PayPal secure order page where you can give them your credit card, or use your PayPal account if you have one. You don't have to join PayPal to place an order.

Do it now. Click. You'll help your student to get a strong foundation in math, and have fun doing it. We'll both feel good about it.

Order "Times Tables Rap" Multiplication Songs now.

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Links to Individual Song Lyrics

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3 Times Table Song

4 Times Table Song

5 Times Table Song

6 Times Table Song

7 Times Table Song

8 Times Table Song

9 Times Table Song

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Times Tables Rap

Yo 7!

Multiply Rappin' - the 3's

Talk About 2
8's Adventure
Here Come The 4's. Rock!
Hey - 6!
You Better Learn 'Em - the 5's

Shine On 9