Multiplication Charts

Multiplication Tables

Multiplication charts are helpful for learning multiplication tables, even though some children are aural or auditory learners while others get math help visually. Combine the two methods of learning and you’ve got a win-win situation.


When you use a convenient times table chart in conjunction with our Times Tables Rap songs, your child will be sure to make even more progress in just a short amount of time.

Learning styles can be as different as children themselves, so when you approach mathematics in more than one way, all types of learners will benefit. Charts not only reinforce the lyrics of our downloadable songs but they also help students recognize patterns and other facts that may assist them in memorizing their times tables.

Mutiplication charts help the visual learner by providing a tool that he/she can follow while singing. The auditory learner, who often benefits from reading things aloud, can recite the problems on the chart again and again rather than simply following along. Even the kinesthetic learner, who prefers to be continuously active, will benefit by singing and dancing to Times Tables Rap while glancing at the charts for reinforcement.

Click the links to these helpful multiplication tables below and print them out so that your child may use them in whichever way they see fit while listening to C. L. Preacher’s clever ditties. No matter what type of learner your student may be, these charts, combined with the songs of Times Tables Rap will make the memorization process move even more quickly!

LISTEN to this sample of the 2 Times Tables song

Multiplication Tables
2 Times Table Chart

3 Times Table Chart

4 Times Table Chart

5 Times Table Chart

6 Times Table Chart

7 Times Table Chart

8 Times Table Chart

9 Times Table Chart

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