The 3 Times Table

Multiplication Chart

Print out the 3 Times Table chart and hang it on your wall. Multiplication charts can be used as a booster for memory retention through varying degrees of photographic memory.

LISTEN. Here's a sample of the 3 Times Table song

Read the full lyrics to the 3 (Three) Times Table Multiplication Song CLICK

3 Times Table Chart

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The 3 Times Table
Multiplication Chart
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While you're singing a multiplication song, cover the answers and see how many you know of the 3 Times Table without peeking. Have fun!
3 x 2 =.... 3 x 3 =....

Play one of the Times Tables Songs and while you listen to the words, read the chart for that particular times table. Play it through five times and you will impress on your mind the facts both aurally and visually.

If you get a little tired of that song, try another times table song and chart for awhile, and then come back to the first one. You'll soon know them all!

Timez Attack is a stunning video game just for multiplication tables. You have to see their video tour to believe it. FREE and premium versions.

I could not get them to stop playing, and they are really learning the facts!" (B. B.- Mother of 7)

"I just wanted to tell you that my son LOVES "TIMEZ ATTACK!" He's been playing for a couple of days, and he's rattling off facts like a pro! "Timez Attack" is ingenious. What better way to get kids to learn than a cool video game!" (D.B.)

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