2 Times Table
Multiplication Song

"Talk About 2"

Sing along the 2 Times Table multiplication song.

We were just about to throw in the towel on learning times tables until we found your web site. Now my daughter is excited about learning. She says, "Who knew you could learn this stuff and rock out at the same time?" Polly O.

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2 Times Table Song

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2 times 1, 2 is the clue,
'Cause with 2 times 1, the answer's still 2.
2 times 2, the answer is double,
That makes 4, this double's no trouble.

2 times 3, there are no tricks,
By mem-o-ry, the answer is 6.
Ask a friend, "what's 2 times 4?"
He should answer 8, and no more.

2 times 1 ::: 2, 2 times 2 ::: 4,
2 times 3 ::: 6, 2 times 4 ::: 8.

2 times 5, pencil or pen,
You won't need to erase if your answer is 10.
2 times 6 is time for the swings,
The answer's 12, and the lunch bell rings.

2 times 7 is the name of the game,
14 is the answer, and there's no-one to blame.
2 times 8 is an age that's cool,
16 in years, and I'll drive to school.

2 times 5 ::: 10, 2 times 6 ::: 12,
2 times 7 ::: 14, 2 times 8 ::: 16.

2 times 9 is an age that's great,
18 in years, and I'll graduate.
2 times 10 is good and plenty,
When you multiply, the answer is 20.

2 times 11 is more than a few,
To be exact, it's 22.
2 times 12, the last of the 2's,
Think 24, and tell them the news.

2 times 9 ::: 18, 2 times 10 ::: 20,
2 times 11 ::: 22, 2 times 12 ::: 24.


2 times 1 = 2, 2 times 2 = 4, 2 times 3 = 6,
2 times 4 = 8, 2 times 5 = 10, 2 times 6 = 12,
2 times 7 = 14, 2 times 8 = 16, 2 times 9 = 18,
2 times 10 = 20, 2 times 11 = 22, 2 times 12 = 24.
Just one more rule that you've got to know,
Works every time, your answers will show,
Learn the rule you just can't miss,
It's easy, simple, and goes like this…

2 times zero, zero's the key,
For the zero times tables the answers are free,
2 times zero is zero, you know,
'Cause zero times anything is zeer-oh.

The End
The 2 Times Table Multiplication Song
© 1991 YORK 10 Industries
© 2004-13 Abbey World Media, Inc.

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