The 2 Times Table

Multiplication Chart

Print out the 2 Times Table chart and hang it on your wall. Multiplication charts can be used as a booster for memory retention through varying degrees of photographic memory.

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2 Times Table Chart

The 2 Times Table
Multiplication Chart
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Timez Attack is a stunning video game just for multiplication tables. You have to see their video tour to believe it. FREE and premium versions. Take a look..CLICK HERE.

"I took a post card from the table and loaded the trial version for my son when I got home that night. Within minutes he was begging us to buy the full download and even offered to use his allowance money to do it! We bought the download (I’m not crazy) and by the next day he was spitting out his times tables like he’d known them forever, and quickly too! Since then he’s played the game for at least an hour a day, and still loves it almost as much as his Playstation games!" (D.G.)

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